Filling Skill Gaps

The rapid pace of global innovation requires executives not only to gain literacy in current technological trends, digital applications, and platforms but also to be able to connect that technical knowledge to their daily job. The ability to make this connection can often unlock the next step in career advancement. The SDA Bocconi Asia Center offers access to programmes and modules that practically teach core technological concepts, helping participants fill in the gaps in skill sets required by the modern workplace.

Broadening Perspectives

Today’s executives face a constant barrage of strategic opportunities, emerging trends and best practices that pop up from any corner of the globe. To successfully exploit these opportunities, future leaders must learn how to interpret shifting landscapes and adjust course and strategy with high-level execution. Moreover, even as the internet digitises job roles, processes, and even entire businesses, global leaders must be able to manage employees from an increasingly diverse set of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences.

Here, executive programmes broaden participants’ perspectives in several ways. For instance, batches usually always comprise a diverse, high-performing student cohort. This diverse group will challenge one’s currently held views, resulting in richer perspectives for all. Moreover, an experienced international faculty ensures that students always get a global perspective on the business areas that are addressed in the programmes. Finally, intense exchanges and study tours with SDA Bocconi in Milan and other schools in its network will put the finishing touches on mind-broadening international experience.

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