Career Advice

This may sound bizarre to say, “Career,” but we are here to make it as easy as possible. Whether you don’t know exactly where to start or what you want to do, this website is meant for you.

Don’t know where to start? Things to think about before you come to see us:

Quick Start

If you haven’t worked with us before, these two quick steps will help you get you up and running fast.

Step 1

Graduates and other employment and part-time and work/interest possibilities from UK companies in particular. Provides a choice of local, regional and national alternatives and certain international tasks.

Step 2

Use job search tools, develop a fantastic CV, enhance your interview and evaluation skills to help you find potential career choices. It also has a strong worldwide job search engine.

What jobs can I do?

We often visit our Career Center for students and grads; they are sometimes unclear of how much work they want to do or have an idea but want to get there. Some useful resources on the website of the government might help you think about the kind of profession that may fit you.

Start your CV

When you improve your resume, visiting the Careers center is more advantageous if you know what kind of jobs you are looking for – with your current resume already available. It helps focus on the industry in which you work, instead of only writing a generic curriculum vitae. See the specification of the job role and illustrate where the essential/wanted characteristics may be demonstrated by providing certain examples. Please bring your CV to the Carriers Center for evaluation before to sent to companies once you have completed your CV.

How can we help?

Eten can assist you find a graduate job, a career, part-time/casual work or to pursue a study. It’s never too early to start, and until 3 years after graduation, we offer FREE services for students and students!

Help with job searching.

Check the state employment vacancy website for a broad array of possibilities, which include graduate jobs, work placements, internships, part-time jobs and more!

One-to-one sessions with a Careers Coach

Speak with a career coach one by one on any professional issues in a private manner. Whether you’re still looking for a job, require your apps or need general guidance.

Interview Advice

Please contact our Careers Center as soon as possible to assist us prepare if you require support with a coming interview. This may be done via a mock interview or if time is short, before an interview, we can provide guidance on technique and components.

Getting a job

Please utilize the following websites to assist you seek for work and apply. Please don’t wait to visit this center during the drop-in hours if you still have problems and need help with applications/interviews or if you have any queries.

Finding a Volunteering job

Enactus – Take entrepreneurial action to help community projects

OCVA – Supporting you to find a suitable volunteer role

Do-it – Search engine for national volunteering opportunities