Employee Engagement

Employees need to be nurtured in order to grow

Build, nurture, and develop organizations built on shared values to promote employers’ brand vision. Employee engagement courses will educate applicants how to evaluate, manage, and sustain employee motivation, how to design an employee engagement plan, and how to construct an engaged workforce with shared goals, values, and culture.

This course provides the skills and knowledge you need to:

  • Employee engagement in context: latest thinking on employee engagement
  • Stakeholder management and gaining buy-in – working with internal and external stakeholders to develop your strategy
  • Developing an employee engagement strategy – tools and techniques for drafting procedures and creating action plans for the organisation.
  • Communicating the employee engagement strategy
  • Selling the business benefits
  • Action planning

Who is it for?

Developing an Employee Engagement Strategy is the ideal course for professionals who assist in the development, creation, and implementation of employee engagement strategies in their organizations. It would like to have a better grasp of the field and what may be accomplished.

Study Mode Start Date Certification Learning Time Price
Campus 7th July 2021 Employee Engagement 21 Hours £720
Online Flexible Employee Engagement 21 Hours £510

Programme Structure

Engaging Managers

  • To encourage participants to explore the role of the manager in the success of their team.
  • To help participants understand the sorts of things great managers do to drive employee engagement and its impact on customer service.

Building Engagements 

  • To help participants understand what it feels like to be engaged in their job and the difference it makes to how they feel and the quality of their work.

Strategic Development 

  • To enable participants to consider how customers and staff view their organisation.
  • To identify cultural/image strengths and weaknesses within the organisation.
  • To generate discussion about how cultural/image strengths can be maintained, and how weaknesses might be overcome.

Making Continuous Improvement Happen 

  • To identify improvements that can be made.
  • To identify things that need to be taken into consideration when planning continuous improvement activities.
  • To plan one improvement that can be implemented in the workplace.

The Style is Right 

  • To encourage participants to identify an appropriate management style based on the individual they are dealing with, the role they are doing and what the team needs them to do.

Presentation Skills

  • To examine common problems/conundrums associated with giving presentations and discuss ways of overcoming these.
  • To highlight and share best practices and tips for making presentations successful.

Using Vision and Values

  • To encourage participants to think about the extent to which staff feel engaged with the organisation they work for.
  • To consider who staff feel is responsible for business performance.
  • To think about how vision and values are used within the organisation.
  • To demonstrate how values can be ingrained in the organisation.
  • To consider the benefits of an organisation where staff feel engaged and responsible for the business outcomes.

The Leadership Identikit 

  • To explore perceived differences and similarities between leadership and management.
  • To explore the relationship between leadership and management.

Using Smart Objectives

  • To discover how to apply SMART when agreeing objectives for team members.

How To Engage Your Employees

  • The first way to keep your employees is to onboard them properly.
  • One of the most important ways to engage your employees is to constantly communicate with them.
  • It’s extremely important to build a culture of employee recognition and offer praise to your team.
  • To keep your employees engaged, they need to feel as though there is room for them to grow personally and professionally within the organization.
  • Offering your employees fun and helpful perks and benefits lets them know that you appreciate their efforts and hard work
  • Be Transparent

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