Enterprise Risk Management

This programme will acquire knowledge of the evolutionary and fluid process of developing, implementing, and evaluating ERM. You will also learn how to monitor risk at an enterprise-wide level, as well as the application techniques necessary for achieving the process within your organization.

Who is it for?

Anyone tasked with establishing, implementing or facilitating a business risk processor making certain significant risks are being managed appropriately, should attend this course.

Study Mode Start Date Certification Learning Hours Price
Campus 26th July 2021 Enterprise Risk Management 35 £1.200
Online Flexible Enterprise Risk Management 35 £850

Programme Structure

This module will provide a big-picture overview of risk management and highlight key issues in bank and asset management risk management. It will introduce issues the key risks facing financial services companies and other corporates. The second part of the module will involve a risk management simulation in Imperial’s capture lab. The simulation will make risk management tangible as participants will need to make risk management decisions under pressure, communicate effectively within their team, their company and externally while solving the crisis at hand.

Foundations of Risk Finance Theory

  • Risk and Risk Aversion
  • Portfolio Theory and Basic Portfolio Mathematics
  • Efficient Frontier
  • Introduction to CAPM
  • Multi-factor models
  • Basic Capital Structure
  • The  CRO of a $20 billion asset management firm shares is insights about risk management
  • How to build  a risk department
  • How to measure and manage operational and investment risks as well as investment compliance for a broad range of investment strategies across multiple asset classes
  • Overview of how risk management supports the growth of an asset management firm

Learning Outcomes of Enterprise Risk Management

  • Define enterprise risk management
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities within an organization to implement enterprise risk management as an enterprise-wide function
  • Compare the types of enterprise risk management frameworks
  • Understand and conduct quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Learn how to implement an enterprise risk management program in an organization
  • Evaluate risk management frameworks and practices and apply them to industry settings
  • Examine changes in risk management practices as a result of paradigm shifts in global banking, insurance and asset management
  • Analyse the mechanism of corporate governance and its critical relationship to and with risk
  • Understand how to monitor and evaluate an enterprise risk management program for improvement

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