Leading Innovation and Change

A world without innovation would be doomed

This program seeks to prepare students to critically analyze contemporary circumstances by providing them with a foundational understanding of ideas and concepts linked to leading innovation and change. Candidates will be required to develop a self-determined model to promote innovation in a commercial organization based on this synthesis.

Who is it for?

This programme is a unique offering for senior leaders.

It offers the most personal and business benefits for the least amount of money and in the shortest amount of time. The program allows participants to reflect on their contributions and roles as leaders. This curriculum teaches how to gain a new perspective on how to perceive an organization as a whole. The curriculum introduces a number of perspectives on the notion of leading innovation and transformation. Candidates will be able to use their knowledge and witness instant benefits.

Study Mode Start Date Certification Learning Time Price
Campus 6th July 2020 Leading Innovation and Change 7 Hours £350
Online Anytime Leading Innovation and Change 7 Hours £250


Programme Structure

A primer on innovation 

Challenge popular cultural notions of innovation to understand the language and types of innovation, and the principles of building innovation systems.

Organising for innovation 

Explore organisational design and the structural and cultural elements of a business that allow it to innovate.

Drivers of innovation: Technology and beyond

Explore models of innovation beyond popular notions of technological change and ‘disruption’.

4IR Technology: Ethics and governance

Reflect on the ethics and governance considerations prompted by emerging technology.

Corporate innovation strategies and platforms 

Consider the corporate landscape of innovation, how platforms organise market competition and, in turn, shape the nature of innovation.

Innovation in practice

Consider your context and the future of innovation in light of what you have learnt in this programme.

Learning Outcome Leading Innovation and Change

  • Understand the fundamentals of organisational strategies.
  • Identify environmental factors affecting organisation behavior.
  • Review organisation strategies and understand business plans.
  • Develop strategies for an organisation with respect to lead innovation and change.
  • Be able to create a strategic plan to meet business objectives and targets.
  • Learn people management and be able to effectively maintain relationships with employees in a business organisation.

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