Marketing Strategy and Concepts

Marketing is a necessary role in every firm. It isn’t just about sales. It begins before production and assists you in determining what you should produce based on market demand and conditions. It will also address the question of how to create as well as what to make and provide. How to distribute and sell your goods, how to convey the information about your product to the right people, what your price should be, if your consumer is happy or not, and what you should do if they aren’t. These ideas apply to selling oneself as a professional as well as non-profit organizations reaching their target audiences and achieving the anticipated millage.

Who is it for?

Marketing is no longer only the responsibility of the marketing department. It is everyone’s obligation, from the doorman to the manufacturing worker, and from the chairman to the accountant. As a result, this course is intended for anybody working in the business world. Everyone should understand how and why marketing strategies are developed, as well as their role in the success of such programs.

Start Date Certification Learning Hours Price
23th June 2021 Marketing Strategy and Concepts 49 Hours £1.680

Programme Structure

Market Research and Customer Behaviour 

Your marketing quest begins here! The programme in this specialisation lays the necessary groundwork for an overall successful marketing strategy. It is separated into two sections: Market Research and Consumer Behaviour.

Introduction to Marketing 

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large. Also included in the definition are all of the activities that effectively help businesses reach their target market.

Understanding the Market 

It is essential to understand markets and sub-markets (and the firm’s product-market definition) at the starting point of the market segmentation process because it is common to ‘segment’ a market based on products rather than segmenting consumer group.

Product and Services Management

Product/Service management is a marketing function that involves obtaining, developing, maintaining, and improving a product or service mix in response to market opportunities.

Pricing and Distribution Management 

Distribution pricing is the price point you, as the business owner, chooses to extend to vendors who will then distribute your products. The price is commonly a percentage discount off of your retail price. The concession gives the distributor room to profit from sales of the product.

Trade Promotion Management 

Trade Promotion Management (TPM) typically refers to software applications that assist companies in managing their complex trade promotion activity.

Marketing Planning 

Over half of the world’s populations now use the internet; over a third uses social media. With the increasing influence of globalisation, we can see why it is becoming increasingly important to advertise on as many forms of online platforms as possible. Since 1990 this market has been evolving exponentially, just as technology has. We will continue to change, and we will equip you with the necessary skills to adapt to this ever-changing aspect of marketing.

Marketing mix Fundamental 

Marketing Mix Fundamentals prepares you for arguably the most critical stage of bringing your product to market – how and where are you going to market it? It sets out a detailed introduction to the four P’s of Marketing (Product, Pricing, Place and Promotion). This programme enables you to analyse your product and service strategically.

Importance of Marketing Strategy and Concepts

  • A marketing strategy provides an organization with an edge over its competitors.
  • Strategy helps in developing goods and services with the best profit-making potential.
  • It helps fix the right price for an organisation’s goods and services based on information collected by market research.
  • Strategy ensures effective departmental coordination.
  • It helps an organisation make optimum utilization of its resources to provide a sales message to its target market.
  • A marketing strategy helps fix the advertising budget in advance. It also develops a method that determines the plan’s scope, i.e., it determines the revenue generated by the advertising plan.
  • Marketing strategy helps discover the areas affected by organizational growth and thereby helps create an organizational plan to cater to the customer needs.

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