Practical Leadership Skills

Strong leadership can turn any business around

The goal of this program is to provide applicants the chance to practice fundamental leadership qualities. The curriculum walks applicants through the practical implications of leadership theories and evaluates them critically.

Who is it for?

The program is designed for everyone who aspires to be a leader. Politicians, clergy, volunteers, corporate leaders, and senior management may all be on the list. The curriculum may be integrated into a corporate training strategy for an organization to get the desired results.

Study Mode Start Date Certification Learning Time Price
Campus 14th August 2021 Practical Leadership Skills 35 Hours £ 1200
Online Flexible Practical Leadership Skills 35 Hours £ 850

Programme Structure

Transitional from Individual Contributors to Leader

  • Define Leadership
  • Identify Your Leadership
  • StyleRedefine Your Role

Developing of Effective Team

  • Develop an Effective Team
  • Coach for Performance
  • Influence for Results
  • Empower Your Team Members
  • Lead Your Team Through Organizational Change

Leading Different Types of Teams

  • Work with Different Types of Teams
  • Overcome Communication Barriers
  • Overcome Issues Among Team Members

Aligning your Strategy for Business Results

  • Identify Core Values
  • Write a Vision Statement
  • Establish a Mission
  • Develop Goals

Learning Outcome

  • Management and leadership
  • Leadership qualities/actions
  • Leadership vision
  • From motivation to inspiration
  • Defining moments

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