Sales and Negotiation Skills

The Certificate of Sales and Negotiation course will provide information on negotiations with everyone across the globe. This course offers an intense way of training by providing you with the skills and resources you need to become a master salesman.

The hire managers have one of the greatest business talents in sales and negotiation. You will be prepared to talk to coworkers, other businessmen, clients, and nearly everyone in this course. Only by depending on what you learned in this course will you be able to sort out an impossible scenario.

Who is it for?

If you are a specialist that helps to develop and implement employee engagement strategies and wants a wider grasp of the sector and what can be achieved you are developing an employee involvement strategy.

Study Mode Start Date Certification Learning Hours Price
Campus 6th June 2021 Sales and Negotiation Skills 14 £480
Online Flexible Sales and Negotiation Skills 14 £340

Programme Structure

Essential concepts of negotiation

A good negotiating relationship is needed to address differences and conflicts.

Principled negotiation

A principled negotiation is an interest-based approach to negotiation that focuses primarily on conflict management and conflict resolution. Principled negotiation uses an integrative approach to finding a mutually shared outcome.

Principled sales

Sales principles are foundational concepts that influence your sales perspective and point of view. They are short, memorable tips that provide a simple framework to help you sell more effectively. You can think of them as ground rules to adapt in order to improve your results and habits.

Common Negotiations

Negotiation is a dialogue between two or more people or parties intended to reach a beneficial outcome over one or more issues where a conflict exists with respect to at least one of these issues.

Culture, power and influence in negotiation

Cultural differences can influence business negotiations in significant and caps and the power to block share registration or voting of outside equity holders.

Sales & Negotiation strategies

In simple terms, effective sales and negotiation techniques blend talking to the right people – and listening hard to find out what they want to buy.

Creativity and emotions in negotiation

The greater the importance of the outcome, the more stressful or emotional the negotiation can be. A typical approach is to either yield or compete.

The future of Sales & Negotiation

In these days of online negotiations and cost-cutting by buyers, it can prove difficult to keep to the levels of service you had intended for every client because of the lack of margins that you are experiencing.

Sales & Negotiation Tactics

In simple terms, effective sales and negotiation techniques blend talking to the right people – and listening hard to find out what they want to buy.

By the end of the course, you’ll be better able to:

  • Understand the different types of negotiations that you’re involved in every day.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the negotiation process and why planning is critical.
  • Appreciate the need for ethical negotiation in order to maintain trust.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the key principles you must apply in every negotiation.
  • Recognise different negotiation tactics, and how to use and counter them
  • Sell the value of your solutions and reduce price pushback
  • Lead masterful sales negotiations that lead to win-win solutions for you and your customers
  • Avoid critical mistakes in the negotiation process that kill credibility and the sale
  • Respond to objections in a way that moves the buyer closer to the close

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