The following terms and conditions (‘Terms and Conditions’) form a contract for the academic year between the school (‘us’, ‘we’,’ ‘our’) and the candidates. You must comply with the terms and conditions by accepting or continuing to register at the London School of Business. Contact the London School of Business if you have more questions using the contact option provided on the website.

Note: The terms and conditions should be read and understood before to starting

Definitions in these Terms and Conditions:

Academic Year: This is the time for a certain course to understand. During the year, an academic year might start at several times.

Application Fee: The application fee refers to the non-refundable payment for a specific request.

Continuing Registration Fee: After the first academic year, it is obligatory to re-register the candidates.

Contract: An agreement is made with the Eten organization between the applicant. This form must specify the applicable policies, processes and regulations.

Offer: It is the written proposal for the Eten organization to gain academic placement.

Programme Fees: The program price includes the tuition fees and the management fees paid on the course for you at the Eten organization. The payments also include the dissertation fees and appraisals. The full list of fees may be seen on the website.

Registration Deadline: This is the last time to register online at the Eten organization.

Virtual Learning Environment / Learning Management System: You may access the program and school data on the online portal.

Other rules, policies and procedures apply to your Eten organization.and your program registration (or ongoing registration) in addition to these Terms and Condition. Details of and the location of such papers, regulations, policies and procedures related to acceptance of these Terms and Conditions are provided in the table below. You are responsible for carefully reading these papers, since they comprise the contract between you and us combined with these terms and conditions.


After receiving the application money, we start the application process at the Eten organization. It is the applicant’s full obligation to guarantee that the necessary information is transparent and to ensure that all the necessary information is made available during the application process. If the school finds false material or misinformation, this specific offer will be withdrawn. Under the General Regulations, no future reward shall be given to termination of registration.

Evidence of Qualification

Your qualifications must be demonstrated satisfactorily:

The candidate must submit authentic academic transcripts and certifications before obtaining the offer. Audits of validity of papers supplied by the Eten organization. If the qualifications and the papers are not sufficient, no bid will be made to the applicant.


  • Where the candidate satisfies the standards for academic qualifying for the specific program, the registered candidate will get an offer.
  • Where an applicant is not compliant with all the admission standards, either an offer letter will be sent to the applicant outlining the outstanding academic or other requirements to be complied with to provide the school with a letter of an offer without condition. Or, the school will issue a letter of advise indicating the requisites for the candidate to get an offer within a certain deadline.
  • Suppose the applicant did not meet the outstanding requirements of the provided timeframe. If the candidate wishes to apply for the program in the London School of Business, it is necessary to reapply.
  • Some situations include modifications to an offer before the applicant accepts the offer. If so, our staff will send out the revised application and notify the applicant as soon as feasible.
  • On receipt of the relevant papers and credentials, an unconditional offer shall be sent to the candidate.
  • By enrolling with the London School of Business, the candidate may accept the offer before the time limit provided.

Changes to the Programme after registration

The school will take comprehensive steps to make sure modifications to the programs offered are limited. If modifications are made before the start of the academic year (as specified in the offer letter), the participants will be notified as soon as feasible. If the applicant considers that the amendments made impact him or her negatively, he or she may withdraw the application upon telling the institution. In such circumstances, the school shall pay the application fee.

Discontinuing a Programme after registration: All programs will be provided with reasonable measures. Where a number of applications for a certain program have not been modified or omitted, the program might be discontinued. This modification will be communicated to those who have requested it. If the applicants are unable to replace the program or unsatisfied with this choice, they may withdraw their application and reimburse the application cost.

Studying on the programme

We shall:

  • The Eten organization. ensures all programs have enough care and expertise. We shall ensure that the program taught follows the website description and the program contract. At the beginning, the candidates will be informed of the academic criteria of the curriculum.

You shall:

  • If candidates study the programs online, they must have any approval or authorization to study in their nation. Please note that online qualifications are not always recognized by appropriate authorities such as the education ministry, the public sector regulatory bodies or even further studies. In their study nation or their country where they are seeking a career opportunity, it is the exclusive duty of candidates to recognize the online study.
  • A computer and internet connection must be provided to all candidates in compliance with all the technical requirements of the selected curriculum.
  • The applicants shall comply with and comply with the program parameters.

Fee payment and payment method

  • All program fees necessary for your programme, you agree to pay. In accordance with paragraph 1.3.8 the student can find out information about the Program Fee. Fees are due exclusively under the fee methods provided.

The following fees are not transferable within the same academic year and cannot be transferred to the following academic years, if applicable:

  • Registration Fee
  • Continuing Registration Fee
  • Assessment entry fees
  • Any fees payable to external parties, including, where applicable, examination centres, are your sole responsibility.
  • You acknowledge that certain fees are not included in your Programme Fees and are payable to us separately.
  • Programme Fees are payable to us in full. Where any applicable law requires local taxes or charges to be paid, these are your sole responsibility in addition to the Programme Fees.
  • Fees are not usually refundable. Applications through the portal for refunds or partial refunds will be considered on a case by case basis.

Payment of fees by a third party

If a third party is paying all or part of your fees, you will be liable for the payment of those fees in the event of non-payment by the third party

Purchases made from

In accordance with this policy, you may cancel your purchase within 14 calendar days from the conclusion of the purchase agreement. The “Cancellation Period” is termed. Please note that if you use your voucher during the cancelation period, you expressly request that we start distributing the course content. You recognize your right to cancel the course acquisition and receive any reimbursement.

You may do so in the following method if you wish to cancel your purchase:

By filling out Cancellation Form and sending it via

Boardman House, 64 Broadway

Stratford, London E15 1NT

If you cancel the purchase of a course within 14 civil days, we shall, in the course of 14 calendar days from the day that we acknowledge that you are entitled to a refund, reimburse you for any money paid as part of your purchase.

Non – payment of Fees

  • We reserve the right during the Academic Year to stop or retain any services and facilities linked to education at all times until all outstanding Program Fees are paid to us (including assessment entry, Virtual Learning Environment services, and provision of student support).
  • Before exercising our rights under the clause, we will give you reasonable notice of our intentions.
  • You may be unable to take a test and we retain the right to refrain from registration for the following academic year if you are indebted to us for the program fees.
  • We will not provide your certificate or letter of confirmation of award if you are in the last year of your program until all remaining fees will be paid. You must pay the entire program fees to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Complaints Procedures

  • Suppose every student is unhappy with any element of the programmes, complaints and academic appeals proceedings given at the Eten organization under paragraph 1.3.6. Students can then fairly and friendlyly settle these questions.
  • If an examination that you may have not conducted in accordance with the instructions or theEten Regulation is of concern, the Procedure for Considering Representation of Boards of Examiners Decisions, set out in Eten Review Regulations (1.3.7), shall establish the phases to be followed in which Eten is represented for an administrative error. There shall be no appeal against the outcomes of academic examinations.
  • After the completion phases laid forth in the Academic Appeals and Complaints Procedure or the Representations Procedure for the Decisions of the Boards of Examiners, if not yet unhappy, students are entitled to lodge a complaint with the Office of the Independent Higher Education Adjudicator.

Disciplinary Offences

If you do not behave in compliance with this Agreement, under Eten organization. Ordinance: Code of Student Discipline, we may take disciplinary action against you in the above paragraph. One of the potential results of such an action is that you can conclude your contract with us and remove yourself from the program. You may not thus have the right to any reimbursement.

Intellectual Property

Throughout the programme, you comply with our Intellectual policy.

Data Protection

Your application information will be included in your student record. You give us the right to maintain and handle personal data, including some sensitive personal data, by entering into a contract with us. In line with the law on data protection, our Data Protection Policy, and our student privacy statement, we process your personal data.You accept that your application and your registration with us is subject to the Data Protection Policy (applies)


The Contract is the whole agreement of the applicants with the ETEN ORGANIZATION. Unless specifically stated in the contract, all previous agreements, arrangements and arrangements pertaining to the admission process for a program, whether written or oral, shall be without legal force.